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Jericho spent the most time of any other wrestler in that same Royal Rumble. The videos contained hidden messages and biblical links related to Jericho. At Slamboree, Jericho came out to introduce the competitors in an insulting fashion before the match started and then went backstage for coffee.

Jericho lost the match when Edge claimed the briefcase. Eventually, Malenko vacated the title.

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Many of the holds were fictional, and nearly every other hold was an armbar. Jericho then had a short feud with Juventud Guerrera in which Guerrera repeatedly requested a shot at Jericho's Cruiserweight Championship, but Jericho constantly rebuffed him. Despite Booker T's interference, Austin retained the title. He eliminated Michaels shortly afterward, but Michaels got his revenge later in the match by causing Test to eliminate Jericho. This started a minor feud between Lane and Jericho after Jericho refused to pay Lane.

Christian, in Jericho's attire, appeared while the real Jericho attacked Shawn from behind. Jericho suggested the match concept, and he competed in the match against Benjamin, Benoit, Kane, Christian, and Edge. After the match, russian dating photo fails Goldberg forced Storm to admit that Jericho was the superstar who conspired Storm into running him over.

Jericho lost the title the next day to Eddie Guerrero on Raw after Chyna turned heel to side with Guerrero. Shortly after returning, he won the Intercontinental Championship for the fifth time from Rob Van Dam. After the match, Jericho assaulted Mysterio's knee with a toolbox. Despite Benoit being carried out on a stretcher, he returned to the match to climb the ladder and retain the championship. Jericho began the match with Benoit but Batista ultimately eliminated Jericho.

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The feud culminated in a Title vs. Jericho simultaneously feuded with Test, Michaels, and Jeff Hardy. Jericho was again awarded the championship. The match stipulated that each member of the winning team would be the General Manager of Raw over the next four weeks.

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According to Jericho, Super Liger's first match against Koji Kanemoto at Wrestling World was so poorly received that the gimmick was dropped instantly. This, however, turned out to be a bet over who could sleep with their respective paramour first, with a Canadian dollar at stake.

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Eight days later, Jericho defeated Batista to win back the title in a steel cage match. Jericho's team won, and took turns as General Manager. After this, Jericho challenged Rourke who was at ringside for the event and as part of the storyline was knocked out by Rourke.

Chris Jericho's Relationships