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The master itself sounds damn good and is one of my best recordings in spite of me. You'll probably notice that the left channel sounds louder. Not much crowd noise in here for a hockey arena aud. Since i haven't seen any other recordings of this show being traded i figured it's time to get this out there-warts and all.

Union J (album)

The majority of this release comes from a telecast in on Canadian television of the Yes Union show, telnet in windows 7 but there was no mention of the date or location. Complete recording of last show of the American leg of Union tour. Union J is the self-titled debut studio album by English boy band Union J. Battle of the Stars All Stars.

This section needs expansion. Before posting this show I wanted to check the tracker because I thought another source audio was posted of this same show different source recording.

Anderson, Howe, Bruford, Squire and Wakeman were the only members on stage for that song and it was performed imprecisely, in the opinion of some. The thing about writing is it's personal but also the more practice you get, the better you get. Reduce Hiss, clicks and pops. Venue one of the best anywhere acoustically and contributed to the fine capture. Not knowing the levels used during original tape to wave conversion also raises the possibility of some data loss, as we know has happened to many other recordings now in circulation.

There are some small spots in the show where the mics seem to go a tad wonky, but they are very minor except for the ending of Heart Of The Sunrise. And then I think we're going to write on the album as well, work with some new producers. But you won't be disappointed! The performances are also outstanding.

You see the blue lights so we can pick up the audience. They were all on for this gig. Mark Ronson scores first No. Give the samples a listen, make space for the download, start leeching, and clear off the seat in the sweet spot of your listening room.

British Phonographic Industry. The Sounds of Train Horns Included here are various train horn sound files from the Yahoo railroad air horn groups.

The first problem i had was getting to my seat on time. Which Elwood Belknap also engineered for.

Train Horn Sounds

From the album

It was so good that I just had to share it! Included here are various train horn sound files from the Yahoo railroad air horn groups.

In some segments left channel amplitude is slightly lower than right, probably due to mic position changes and not serious enough to need correction. Now it sounds like a concert.

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These are less common then the Nathan H Series. Only some digital fades were done. Notes Here is a fresh transfer from my masters. These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Highland should be applauded for pressing this tape since it is, as far as I can tell, the only version available on any release.

Do not sell this recording. This was about my tenth or so time seeing Bruford in some sort of arrangement and he's always been hot whenever I've seen him, no matter who with and well appreciated. This show was recorded on an audio tape by an unknown taper. Too bad Close To The Edge was dropped from this set. We must all be ever grateful to its originators.

Stay tuned because I have more and more shows coming up! Other than the above, I can't think of any worth mentioning. The engineer acknowledges! While it is interesting, a half hour of stops, starts and discussions some of which are bearly audible tend to get a bit tedious. Natural is so fond of saying, have fun, don't freak out and enjoy the concert!

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Turns out this is an excellent and complete audience recording from the Union tour - the soundboard Westwood One Superstar Concert Series recording is incomplete. It has a bit of hiss, but it is a solid recording. Last week, another recording from Nagoya with the same characteristics turned up on a bit torrent tracker.

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This is really something to behold. An excellent recording with a very energetic crowd. Most seem likely related to the occasional needed mic concealment operation.

This one still needs some adjustment on one bell according to the author. My guess is that this recording was done using two boom- or stand-mounted microphones. You can help by adding to it. All in all, outstanding full spectrum detail with minimal noise problems and distortion limited to a few isolated spots.