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Enter the Water Tank Room and talk to the mermaid. Head into the cave to the right of it.

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If it doesn't, the barrel wasn't high enough. Head along the top and enter the upper door. These points can be used to unlock specific boxes around the world.

Not only is Tomba larger in size, each background has much more depth than before. Thankfully, the gameplay that made the first Tomba! If the game were free roaming, it would not be Tomba. Make sure the trampoline on the bottom level is revealed it's under a snowdrift to the left of the ladder. Go up two ladders, then use the swinging poles to get all the way up and to the left, seo programs where the red Kokka Birds are.

It is the second marvelous title in the series of Ratchet and Clank and takes place in the superb world. You'll now be in a Taboo State. Go down and grab the infinitely-useful Grapple from the chest. Cure your Laughing State and use the Minitta Bell. Go back to the Operations Room and talk to the girls again.

It's time for the third Tower! Head off to the Water Temple and go back to where the Big Fish is. It is the six title in the marvelous series of Spyro and available to play on PlayStation. You have to throw him into the bag five times to defeat him, but otherwise, he's not really a threat, especially with the Golden Powder. Use the poles left of the big sheet of ice to swing up to the top, and grab the Mountain Peach if it's not there, you need to break the snowdrift down below.

Examine the closet here to obtain the Pig Suit, which will allow you to communicate with the pigs. Go back to the guy in green that you saw earlier and talk to him. Head to Ranch Summit and go up the ladder you raised with the crank. Break it the same way you did the last one. The game offers an exciting story inspired by the Apocryphal Book of Enoch and revolves around the protagonist, seeking seven angels to fend off a massive flood from demolishing the humanity.

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Go back to the Ranch Area. Jump on the girl no, really to catch her. Climb up the second ladder, then you'll need to jump and hit the white switch from the left-hand side. This applies to the barrels in the background and in the foreground. Go down the stairs to the bottom level and talk to the miner standing on the grating.

Go back to the left, and climb up the ladders as high as you can. Climb the ladder and repeat the process with this seesaw to get the Triangle Gear. The story of the game revolves around the protagonist and his efforts to find his missing parents.

Open the Red Chest left behind and get the White Key. It might be tricky, but I know you can do it. Go back and jump on the end of a barrel seesaw so it goes down.

The second round is a logic puzzle where you have to figure out which girl is lying. Head over to the right, jump down onto the lower pipe, and go right to the chain that used to be on fire. The game mixes the adventure, hack and slash and exploration elements and puts you in the role of the protagonist who must save his kingdom by fighting against dwarves and their leaders. Now we can open all the treasure chests!

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This game is exactly how you would want to see a sequel done. We begin in the Town of the Fishermen. Skip the Adventurer's Chest for now, and go all the way to the right. Go back to where you got the White Key, and head past it.

Go back to the Trolley Stop and talk to the guy running it twice. Now we can finally crack open that Snow Firefly Nest.

We don't have much use for it anymore, sadly, but it's good to have anyway. The third girl is on a ledge near where you found the Mystery Reflector - you should be able to see her from where the Adventurer's Chest is. Throw him into the Pig Bag three times to defeat him and turn the Kujara Ranch back to normal.

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This is the first walkthrough I've ever submitted to this site, and I'm aware it probably looks very unprofessional, but hopefully it contains all the information you need to beat the game. Break the snow over the chimney and go down into the Chimney Shed. Head across the bridge and get the Closet Key from next to the door. The game is set in a stunning environment and offers an exciting story, in which the antagonist named Dr. There are plenty of these feathers scattered throughout all the levels, so you will always have a way back and forth to the different areas and objectives.

Go to the Sculptor's Hut up the first ladder to the background, then left along the lower path and down the hole. Climb up to the ledge on the left and get the Rare Crab. If you run out of magic power, use a Magic Water or Magic Juice, or jump on enemies.

Now for a quite annoying to me anyway minigame. You now need to lead the Paon over to the well on the far right. Unfortunately, if the wackiness of the first game turned you off, this one will be about the same.

Giants produced by Toys for Bob and published by Activision is an Action Role-playing, Platform, Adventure, Single and Multiplayer video game available to play on multiple platforms. Don't forget to cure your Crying State first.

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