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Teens can pull hilarious pranks. Adults can suffer midlife crises. Tywin Lannister by billielith. Origin brings an entire universe of gaming into a single, convenient application.

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Veronaville's characters are based on Shakespearean characters. You've Succesfully Redeemed Your Code! The player then exits the shop only to find the garage around the back has completely disappeared along with Oscar and their car, with only the foundation of the garage remaining. Prior to Thompson's statement, there was an enterable code which allowed to modify the size including to zero of pixelation accessible from the console menu.

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In addition several console versions have been released. Thank you for the giveaway! Are you sure you want to delete these items? We need to check your age to ensure that we adhere to our commitment to market our products responsibly. With Generations, Sims of every age can enjoy new activities!

Now your Sims can proudly liven up your blank walls and decorate with your favorite seasonal theme. Bubble Jacket for Males by mathcope. There are ten total stuff packs.

Grab your chance while they give it away for nothing! Prepare your Sims for adventures with helpful maps, exotic Egyptian furniture, and more.

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The Last Venue of Amore is available! Candle-Town Uptown Ambitions file added. Search Wiki Search Members.

Strangetown's storyline is based on the supernatural, and is loosely connected with Pleasantview. This is amazing, thank you for the chance! Goth dad shirt swatch base game.

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Glad I was able to get it a few days ago. Old French Village by catdenny.

The Sims 4 StrangerVille is now available on console

Sims with certain personalities may not want to complete certain social interactions. Vampire Cheats Simplified. Don't show this message again.

GamesIndustry International. Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. Which you can do with this mascot set! There are several ways in which a player can make Strangetown a nicer place, cab apps for windows mobile but is up to the player to find them.

You have full access to all the community features. Plus, we'll do another Giveaway soon! Congratulations to all the winners. Decorative Parking Spaces - with random cars parked.

Sims have life goals, wants and fears, the fulfillment of which can produce both positive or negative outcomes. The New York Times Company.

For babies, this requires using the birthday cake. Download your Cosmic Cosmetics Bundle now! Seven of those sources awarded the game a out of score.

So awesome that I got recognized as a top fan! As known, this game had many mysteries, Easter eggs and neighbourhood stories, the most interesting being of Bella Goth's disappearance to Strangetown where her memory is erased. Zombies t-shirt and poster. It offered objects, clothing, skins, and hairstyles that are both exclusive to the store and also come from earlier expansion and stuff packs. We use cookies on The Sims Resource.

Game Updates Store Updates. This feature was only included in this game. Belgique Canada France Suisse.

Expand your game even more with this free download. Summer Adventures, Country Estates or Nautical. We have so much fun doing our Theme Weeks, that we want to do another! This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.

The sun is shining, birds are singing, and in their pixellated world, Sims everywhere are getting ready for summertime to arrive again. And to celebrate these good times, we're hosting another giveaway! Cancelling a Treasure Hunt.

You may have entered the code wrong. From the neighborhood view, the player selects one lot to play, as in The Sims.

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Which of these three would you like to see next? List of games Book Category. Various other expansion packs introduce supernatural characters which Sims can be turned into, such as Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Plantsims, and Witches. Summer Adventures sounds like a fun theme!