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She then forces him out of the limo. She pragmatically interrogates Constance Billard and St. Jessica, portrayed by Alice Callahan in seasons three, four and five, is one of Blair's new minions at Columbia. They did not find them but they have found the ambassador. They told him his son is a drug dealer and he was cut off from his father inheritance.

He explained that Bart was having an affair with Avery over twenty years ago, and that Bart purposefully trapped her in an apartment fire when she decided to go back to Russell. Sherri Saum portrays Holland Kemble in season three. Her parents move her back to Israel after spring break. To avoid the wrath of Blair and others, Juliet leaves to return to her home town.

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She later develops a romantic relationship with Nate, who tells her the truth about her mother. When you have a Chinese husband or boyfriend, sometimes you feel as if you belong to a lonely club. Chuck Bass first meets her and assumes that she is his assistant, to which she says that she is his secretary. In the sixth season, Kati and Jessica still continue being Blair's loyal minions. He and Dorota have a daughter in season three and a son in season five.

He and Juliet devised a plot to destroy Serena's life permanently, however with no real intent on hurting her physically. She also continues to be Blair's loyal right-hand woman, and the ring-leader of her sidekicks.

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Ben and Serena started to hang out, later developing into a couple. However, she eventually gives a stellar review of Blair's line, contributing to Blair's success in the fashion industry.

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He begins dating Jenny and wanted to have sex with her, and when she refused he left her. Serena later finds out that he had known about where her father was since before they began dating, but had been delaying the information from her in order to get closer to her. Or are you a Chinese man dating or married to a Chinese woman?

Chuck persuades her to ruin Amanda Lasher's hair which ends up in a fight between Dan and Serena. She knows much more about the gang than what she lets on, and she's the one who advises Vanessa to get back together with Dan, so that Nate can get Serena back. Later, he finds out that she is in fact his daughter and the vice-president of her father's company. Marina Squerciati portrays Alessandra Steele in season five, a publicist that publishes Dan's book. Serena's disappears with him, which creates a strain in her relationship with Nate.

Penelope refuses to have a girl from Brooklyn carry out their legacy but Blair convinces them otherwise. Penelope attempts to get Nate as her date to the Snowflake Ball, planning with the girls and a reluctant Jenny to humiliate Vanessa. Jenny tries to help her out when she fears the girl is being bullied too much by the other clique members, using Nelly's knowledge to blackmail them into backing off. The experience was so traumatic that he never sought another foreign girlfriend again.

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To get revenge on Ben, when the latter has threatened him to stay away from Serena and her family, he befriends Eric and comes up with a scheme to send Ben back to jail, unsuccessfully. Her boyfriend, Gabriel Edwards, is portrayed by Armie Hammer in the second season. Nelly also gives Dan advice to stop trying to get into the elite crowd.

But after her brother attacks Nate's father in jail for Juliet's attempt at forgoing their plans, she calls Nate, and ends their relationship for the sake of Howard's safety. She saved Chuck from dying when he was shot in Prague. Tamara Feldman portrayed Poppy Lifton in the second and sixth seasons, a friend of Serena's. Russell than tells them the whole truth and that is that the breakup letter wasn't meant for Bart, but for Russell.

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Trying to find more information about her, Nate finds that Diana Payne may not be her real name. She was best friends with Isabel Coates and regularly matches outfits with her. Later he reveals to Chuck why he wanted to ruin Bass Industries and tells him that Bart Bass killed his wife Avery Thorpe in a fire at one of Barts buildings that was set by Bart himself. She later gives birth to a son named Leo.

Meanwhile, Diana finds out the story of Ivy and Charlie being the same person and forces Charlie to work for her and threatening Ivy Dickens's life. She reveals to Chuck that she left when he was born, because she was nineteen and had no intentions of marrying Bart.

Georgina accidentally learns the secret behind Serena's cousin Charlie and informs her to keep in touch. Lacking machismo, dating chat rooms pa they almost never get the girl.

She is a famous movie star that starts a relationship with Dan. At first he pretends to be a college student called James, but when Blair thinks he is boring, he tells her the truth. Blair mentions that she and Headmistress Queller had tea when she first applied to Yale.

Dan and Nate, thinking that Eric is in the embassy with Damien, went for him. She forgives her right after Jenny impresses Blair's clique by bringing Nate during their dinner at Butter. That is, until Blair persuades her to help them in a plot to take down Poppy. She is currently a member of an exclusive club, the Hamilton House.

She is hired by William van der Woodsen to seduce Rufus in order to break up him and Lily. They have a short sexual relationship which ends when Chuck is told by Russell that Bart Bass was responsible for the death of Raina's mother, Avery.

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Nelly later judges Blair's first fashion show, seated next to Serena who assumes Nelly is still one of Blair's minions until the show goes badly, and Nelly writes it up as a disaster. Being Serena's friend, she wants Serena to be back to her old self and join her in doing things they used to do together. Nelly is part of Blair's clique in season two.

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