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Slippy stutters and has an even harder time speaking when he gets excited, needing to take a deep breath and slow down in order to communicate. Wolf's first impulse upon capturing Fox is to humiliate him by dumping his clothes on Papetoon. Fara Phoenix is slated to appear in the series. Wolf rounds on Fox for making a scene at the Sargasso lounge.

Played straight in that the Previously On opening reveals that Oikonny and Fox bunked together in the academy, and Fox reveals that his and Wolf's rivalry goes back to their academy days. Gafford regularly livestreams his animation progress on the second episode, Fixing a Hole. Wolf warns Fox that they don't take kindly to Cornerians.

Beltino, you did not tell them about the G-Diffuser, did you? James reveals to Peppy that he made a mistake that Pepper covered him on. Thus far, the series consists of one episode out of a planned six episode season, with the second one being worked on as we speak. Is everyone just forever gonna not learn my name?

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Didn't you used to be friends with that Fox guy? James McCloud has them as usual, but they're less opaque than usual. Caiman is referenced in the graffiti on the walls of the Sargasso lounge. It seems that everyone keeps misnaming Fox with his team name.

One of the Venomian mercenaries picks the exact wrong moment to walk in on Fox proving to Wolf that he doesn't have robotic legs. But this is presumably why Wolf dumped Fox's shoes and other clothing items. Here however he is not yet a disembodied head and pair of hands.

Slippy was very likely there at the same time. Wolf has heard rumors that Fox has robotic legs, which Fox reluctantly demonstrates is false. Andross, per the original series.

Star Fox is Fox's team, not his name, and this is a sore spot for him. Falco's reaction to finding Fox's clothes on Papetoon. Humorously enough, Wolf is one of the few people who correctly refers to him by his real name. Plus he lies to Fox about someone else doing it later.

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Fox, Andrew and Wolf at least all went to the Cornerian academy together. Despite being apparently neutral, the Sargasso Space Station lounge is a favorite haunt of Venomian mercenaries and outlaws alike.

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The Great Fox is nowhere to be seen, instead the Star Fox team's headquarters is the one from the first game. Funnily enough, while he's head of the similarly named Star Wolf, gravtest online dating Wolf is spared from such confusion and is referred to as either O'Donnell or simply Wolf by those around him.