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Yoshimitsu continues to make swords and pursue making the Yamatorige at his forge in Niigata and the Hayashibara Museum forge in Okayama.

At the onset of the occupation of Japan an order was issued by the army of occupation that all weapons be surrendered, i. The character tern of the tempered portion of the blade. The practice of using human bodies was begun as a means of crime control, for instance, the sentence for a convicted thief would probably be the loss of a hand or arm. Katana, maker, era, price range etc. In the beginning no exceptions were allowed.

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This sword, often nearly three feet in length, was thrust through the girdle, edge-upward. It was assumed that they were brought to the U. The smith began by coating the entire blade with a thin layer of a clay, sand and powdered-charcoal mixture. Then, flat silk braid is wrapped over the hilt in a pattern which leaves a row of lozenge-shaped openings on either side, exposing the white ray skin.

As a result of the forging and finishing process, the un-tempered portion of the blade Hada of the Japanese sword frequently shows a unique patterning of the metal similar to wood grain. This process was repeated many times, until the final blade consisted of many thin, tightly welded layers of the original metal. The actual forging of the blade was a complex process.

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The Samurai warrior always carried a pair of sheathed swords - one long and one short - with the types carried depending upon the occasion. Certain patterns of file marks on the tang are also distinctive, aiding the expert in determining the authenticity and dating of the sword. However, he also works in other styles, radio carbon dating activity but always tries to capture the spirit of a famous sword rather than making an outright copy. The resulting billet of metal was then folded upon itself and hammered out again to its original length and thickness.

The various strokes were given in relationship to the severity of the crime committed. The date of manufacture, when shown, is usually found on the other side of the tang. Then, the sword smith heated the entire edge over his pine charcoal fire until the proper temperature judged by the color of the heated metal was reached. The art of sword making required high technical knowledge, great patience, persistence and a true religious devotion. This effort was indeed successful as many of the swords were returned.

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The fear and respect which the Japanese warrior and his sword inspired among Oriental foes is recorded in many contemporary accounts. Variations in shape of the tempering line are among the fine points of classification used by Japanese sword experts. The following year he married his wife Yoshikawa Kazue made a home with her in Tokyo. Strips of two, or three different grades of steel, or of iron and steel, were welded together by the smith's hammer. Yoshikawa Mitsuo chose the sword smith name of Yoshimitsu.

Swords were tested only by licensed testers at official testing grounds. He conducts this research at his own expense. The greatest Japanese sword smiths led a religious form of life, abstaining from all excesses, and accompanying each step of the work with prayer and ritual. The ease of performance increases with the number, i. It too, was thrust edge-upward through the girdle.

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The most critical of all the sword making processes was the tempering of the edge. These were often embellished with high-relief carving, engraving, etching, piercing, inlay work, incrustation with precious metals, or a combination of these techniques.

This Sword is not available for purchase. Finally, the glowing blade was plunged into a tank of warm water. He has modified some of the features to suit his own interpretation, but the essence of the original strongly remains. Then, using a sharp bamboo stick, he inscribed a line a short distance back from the edge.