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The box can be closed by flicking down. Before making a decision to buy any of the apps listed below you can test them for free. Need help getting work done? Chat with someone before you buy.

Since the message is probably bigger than the screen size, the message is scrolled to the left until the full message has been displayed. Click here - to use the wp menu builder. The Windows Phone Failed Experiment. Try this app for free first. Your toolbox Get the most out of your Windows experience.

What category would you like to give web site feedback on? Flick up to open the boxes lid. This is an award winning game form Microsoft Studios. Google Doodle in Windows Market Place.

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And note that I am far from fitting into the typical gamer demographic. This will lock the di in place until the box is opened again. This is an aid for doing presentations that involve challenges to reinforce the material that was just presented. The trial limits the number of digits in the number.

Google wants devs to have free apps but earn ad revenue. Try before purchasing any of the below app from the Market Place. Apps for work Show all Need help getting work done? The information is stored, so the event can go over several days. The red X is animated and was trivial to do in Expression Blend.

There are four basic elements provided with the game at start up. Burn the Rope in Windows Market Place. When the calculations are larger than the screen, the screen can be scrolled to see more of the results. Unfortunately, there was no way to verify the calculations.

This game is an automated version of Liar's Dice where you roll five poker dice and try to bluff your opponents. This toolbox is packed full of useful apps that will help your device run smoothly. This was done as proof as to how fast an app can be created. Conditional Large in Google Sheets. Find info about your order.

Boot Camp in Windows Market Place. Try as much as ropes as you can burn in each level.

The participants are divided up into teams and after each presentations, the teams are given a challenge. But that is also going to change. This app will show the NameDays for the year sorted by date or name. Fresh Paint Turn your pictures into masterpieces. An optional dart board can be used to enter the score.

WinZip Universal Safely handle dozens of file types. Inserting Bullet Points in Google Sheets. An out table can also be calculated. Thus help Max to overcome his enemies, obstacles and puzzles on his journey. At the next break I demonstrated the app.

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Groupe utilisateurs Microsoft Visio. The Productivity, Tools and Business app categories are pretty thin especially Business right now, but I expect that they will get populated as more of the top developers step up to the plate.

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Organize your personal budget and make sure the bills are paid on time with these versatile personal finance apps. Money and budget apps Show all Organize your personal budget and make sure the bills are paid on time with these versatile personal finance apps. Stay productive, arrange tasks, and collaborate with team members with these handy office apps. Get accurate, sinhala lanka songs up-to-date weather forecasts from apps you can trust. Apps for your digital wallet Turn your Windows Phone into your digital wallet!

You can scroll up or down or click on the month of first letter to get to a jumplist for faster navigation. It is an amazing smartphone both in style and performance. Please enter your name here.

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Navigation apps Getting lost is no fun! Messages from the table can be entered into the primary or secondary message are by using the arrow next to the prompt. The user can save the message as a tile on the phone's Start Page or in a table of messages. You can create your own custom search box in Google Sheets to extract rows that matching the search phrase. The user has full control of the colours.

The trial limits the size of the message, the number of messages that can be saved to the table and only two secondary tiles. The user can chose from one of eight countries. Google Sheets Functions Charts Sheets vs. During the course of the progress of the game you will encounter different bugs which have different reactions to the flame.

In Europe it is common to celebrate your Name Day. So no doubt, games are where the money is.

One of the main concern of a buyer about the Windows Phone is the limited availability of apps in the market. Burn the rope gives you the real feeling of burning a rope. Cell phones, wills, and suicides! But it is not available for Windows Phone so far.

Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Shop now Top apps Featured apps. Mobile devices OneDrive Skype. Now more apps are available for Windows Phone. Get technical or download support.


Use the magic marker in the game to draw free hand. You have entered an incorrect email address! Check out this collection of apps that can help you find your way and make exploration fun and easy. During one of the breaks, someone asked how hard it was to create an app and we talked about what a simple app could do. Track loyalty memberships, make payments, and discover great deals.

The dice are rolled by shaking the phone and individual dis can be locked to prevent them from being rolled. Allowing multple contests and exporting are features under consideration. And as with WinMo, six of the top ten apps popularity were produced by Microsoft. The app is available in English, French, Polish and German.

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