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Yes, we have been to Thailand. Go walking down a different street just for the sake of not having been there before, try new places, talk to new people. My wife is going there in February for three weeks.

Like Danang in central Vietnam, the city is right on the beach. We are actually just about to start planning a new trip and will be documenting this process on the blog. He always says that I planned everything but in fact it was also coincidence. See quick stats at a glance about your trip.

Show individual days or the whole trip. Reporting of expenses against budget. Yes, a catch-up is long overdue! Well, now, I nominate you!

Improved reporting with total expenses now shown as well as reports by the month or a date range. We hope you continue to enjoy our posts! What he does know is he and his family stayed in a refugee camp in Malaysia for six months, then spent one month in Singapore to await a flight to Australia. Do you have plans to visit soon? We believe that travel can be transformative, restorative and life-changing, and we want to help you do more of it.

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Everything in just one spot! Great website, continue the good work! So glad that you like our site!

Track where you have travelled on your trip. Tokyo is one of our favorite places. Improved graphs and tables showing data from individual trips and combined for all trips.

This is what is included in your travel diary software. Hi came across your blog while I was just browsing the Internet. Calendar function where you can see all activities and spending for any individual date. You can see his work on this blog as well as on our Instagram account.

Nomads notes

Hope you had a great time. Hopefully in the next months. Is the Professor from Iceland? We greatly appreciate it and so glad that you enjoy our blog. Haha It really was so uncomfortable!

Nomads notes

Records details and photo of multiple vehicles. Share details with family and friends. Hahaha Well, you might not have to quit quite so drastically.

It still humbles me to think that I have now visited many of those places I daydreamed about and even been featured by the likes of National Geographic and Lonely Planet. Your support is much appreciated! How do you do to leave to make money to eat, give us some tips. Keep insurance details on hand for when required. That sounds like an absolutely epic adventure!

We are currently in Vietnam and loving it. You definitely have to go to Iceland, right? No need to worry about backups or losing data - we save your data for you. This is Jess and Hai, life addicts who encourage personal growth through travel and new experiences.

It's probably why I still feel a strong connection to the great outdoors, despite having become accustomed to city living. Kuala Lumpur is undergoing a construction boom that is giving the city one of the best skylines in Southeast Asia. Hope you stop by again soon! We got married in in Melbourne, Australia.

Nomadic Notes is a travel blog featuring travel guides and notes from my travels. More about me and Nomadic Notes. You are certainly seeing the world and speaking several languages.

On the Trans-Mongolian from China to Mongolia. See our Terms of Use for full disclosure.

Nomads notes

Everything you said, right back atcha! When you switch your thinking to one where you prioritize instead of trying to do everything on a never-ending list, a very powerful change occurs within. Record all your trip expenses divided into categories of your choosing eg food, pc game cricket 2011 house etc shown in your selected currency. Meet-ups are monthly and you can find the details on our Facebook events page.

Nomads notesNomads notes

Nomadic Notes

By Bennetts Motorhoming Lifestyle. Have you written anything about it subsequently?

Try thinking of where you live in the eyes of a visitor. Expense categories and Campsite types can be user defined in addition to the default categories already available.

Use on any tablet, laptop or desktop limited features for adding data on the road only on your phone. Just wanted you to know how much I like your blog so I nominated you for an award. This is my trip report and what to expect.

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Go to their page and tell them. You guys are an amazing couple! Just read about your unfortunate bad luck in Thailand.