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People say to God to prove if he exists. Awaken to find the joy that is within inside of you, and delight in that. People ask for blessings from God. Swamini Radhe Rani Hamari. View list of bhajans Hide list of bhajans.

For the list of bhajans, see Bhakti Vol. Each volume begins with the Daily Prayer and is followed by three to five bhajans and keertans. Hamaro, Piya Pranan Pyaro.

Verses from RamcharitManas. People can argue that if eyes were on the leg, then walking would have been easier.

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You have given two eyes so that not only can you see, but also understand the depth of the object. Ber Bhayi, Terat Nandkumar. Kripa Karu Kripa Karu Radhey. View list of keertans Hide list of keertan.

Prem Rawat Maharaj Bhajan

Sometimes when I'm sleeping at night, I've dreams. If they have pain in back, they run around to find ways to lessen it.

Bhajans by Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj

That's not how it should be. The story follows in the video. The high points of a premie's spiritual life are the large events where Rawat speaks. We have gotten so involved in formulas that we forget what we are trying to accomplish.

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Chintaya Chitt Chiram Hari Charanam. Because a great personality always explains to you that do whatever you need to do, do it right now. Jai Shri Vrishbhanu Dular Ki. No-one goes home repeating sentences from his speech. To a certain extent the songs have echoed Rawat's message.

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Shri Prem Bhushan Ji Maharaj

Maharaji has received widespread recognition for more than four decades. An invitation to enjoy Maharaji talks about how each person has been invited upon the stage of life to enjoy every breath.

Busy Enjoying Life Maharaji talks about how the heart wants to accept and enjoy life. Rawat's speeches are mainly filler and repetition of his teachings. The One you are looking for, the very thing that you are looking for, always has been and always will be, till your very last breath, within you. The day it begins to happen, you know the reality. But there is a reason to put eyes on the head.

Kishori Ju ki Madhura Madhura Musakan. Enjoying Maharaji talks about the art of enjoying life and reminds us, in the midst of responsibilities, not to forget the peace and joy within. We only have our realizations about importance of this life, when there is a fiasco. If you would like to add one of these bhajans in your personal collection of bhajans by Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, visit our Online Gift Shop. This set is an excellent resource for a devotee to reflect upon the infinite glories, attributes, and pastimes of Radha-Krishna while singing their glories set to soothing melodious music.

There comes a time when the dirt goes back to dirt. Chalo Barsane Mile Barsane Wari. In the case of the Prem Rawat cult it is mainly the extreme personality worship that is undertaken and reinforced. When the tap runs out of water then people start worshiping it.

You Are the Pianist Maharaji talks about the opportunity each person has to be alive, to feel peace, and to express the feeling of being alive. There are bhajans emphasizing humbleness, divine philosophy, leelas of Shri Radha Krishna, pc gadgets for windows 7 and the importance of the Guru.

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It's same that you wanted to do when you were three, four, five. Latpataat Nandlal Chalat Sakhi. The Great Reminder Maharaji talks about how every moment the breath reminds us that we have the possibility of being fulfilled. Gopala Gopala Radha Vallabh Gopala. The logic goes as if someone is hungry, they should eat right away.