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Fourth, test the equipment before purchase. We take you through the process of installing these cams, from cabling to monitoring them on your iPhone. Depending on the configuration of your home, it may be possible to get premade Ethernet cables long enough to reach between the two key points. Firstly, establish what you need.

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Surely, you don't need a thousand pictures of the trees in ever so slightly different positions. Once you have the camera in place, the way you use it is only limited by your imagination. One deal breaker relates to the availability of power points. No, it's not The Blair Witch Project. For example, you might want to slow down the frame rate, but retain the highest possible resolution so as to minimise the consumption of disk space while recording.

The idea was to keep an eye on the coffee level so they would never be without the substance, and they connected the camera feed to their computers via the building's internet. Maybe some precious items have gone missing from your home recently, and you suspect the maid. But how do you actually get it to work? In other words, you can set up a camera using just one wire.

Routers intelligently direct traffic between devices in your home and the big, bad internet. Video is a powerful tool in recording past events and presenting cases of innocence or guilt. Setting up such a device is straightforward, and we'll assume here that whether you have a fixed or mobile-broadband connection, you have a router of some sort that is connected to the internet.

We tested out an Axis Communications M camera, which has a motor-driven mounting underneath a plastic dome. Profiles are important when you're setting up a camera, since the bandwidth available on your local network is much different than that available to your smartphone. Right around that time, in the computer science department of Cambridge University, students pointed a small and simple camera at the coffee pot in the hallway outside one of their research rooms. This may all sound like a lot of trouble just to keep an eye on your new cavoodle, but you may be surprised at how useful it can be to have an eye on your house that follows you wherever you are.

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Spying anywhere While cameras vary in terms of resolution, most have a relatively consistent baseline of functionality. Among the many settings you'll need to consider is what happens when the camera detects motion. Whether by Wi-Fi or using a fixed network cable, most popular dating sites in boston this router is going to provide the conduit to link you with your camera or cameras. Web interfaces make it easy to set up your camera's options.

Frankly, this isn't as important as frame rate. You'll need to plug the unit in to your router for initial set-up, but once it's working, the router will be configured to automatically hone in on your Wi-Fi network whenever it's plugged in. Fortunately, a lot of the cameras on this list boast a handful of useful features, and we're going to work together to figure out the combination you need.

Here, the PoE-connected cable comes from the roof space to the camera through a hole in the eaves. To avoid false positives, use motion-detection configuration to choose only the areas you're interested in monitoring. Of course, this feature will depend on the environment where you intend to use the camera. If you end up with a well-rated camera that does everything but the one thing you need it to do, you'll have wasted a good bit of time and money.

You can have the camera record video continuously, or only when it detects something moving or, in some cases, when it hears sound. The desire to have a more professional, polished installation drives many home owners to invest in wired security cameras. Wi-Fi cameras are a great way to easily keep tabs on parts of your house, and today's models are relatively inexpensive. These have the advantage of being a more permanent fixture of the house, and are a must-have in situations where you are actually worried about security, rather than just watching with a webcam.

It has good night vision in a dark room. They're also mandatory if your home radio-frequency environment is not conducive to good Wi-Fi coverage, or if power points are few and far between in the areas you want to cover. This can be useful for all sorts of reasons, but you'll want to tweak the sensitivity, because nobody needs their inbox flooded with pictures of the flowers waving. You won't need to physically plug the camera in to the network again unless you reset it or need to change settings, in which case you'll repeat the set-up.

The Best Indoor Security Camera

One of the more clandestine cameras on our list, the kind the you can hide in a dozen low-key places, is the best way to catch her in the act.

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This feature becomes crucial depending on the environment you want the camera to focus on. But what happens if your camera is pointed at a tree that moves every time the wind blows? This model is easily accessible on iPhone, Android and even Blackberry Apps. Once you figure out whether you want your camera to stand out or to blend in, you can then evaluate the remaining systems based on features.

PoE standards not only carry data to and from your camera, but also provide the power they need to run. This is vital, especially when you are buying from your local electronic store. For good measure, we decided to install a camera in front of the house too.

If you've ever seen jumpy security footage that looks more like the camera took a still picture every two seconds, you know how a slow frame rate fails to tell the whole story of a scene. Choose and configure a variety of video settings to suit your bandwidth requirements. It's a shame that we live in a world where our security is consistently at risk, but it seems as though things are only destined to get more dangerous around here for the time being. What you do with the incriminating footage is up to you.