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Even though she lived in the White House for eight years, the first daughter managed to keep a pretty low profile as she grew up. The Swiss-born sex symbol was the very first woman by James Bond's side. Tuning out may be more pleasant than facing an awkward situation that puts you at a disadvantage. Haste creates waste when cutting corners makes the long haul harder. The latest report on the royal family of three may come as a surprise to some.

PlayStation Blog Official U. When LaShonda Carter received a troubling Facebook message from a former pupil, she dropped everything to help. Local News and Weather Set your location. Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme.

Warren grilled on Native American ancestry claims. You may be resistant to the idea of going out and about today. Double Life Mountain PlayStation marketing. Darkstalkers Resurrection.

Future Legend of Rhythm Alien. Everyone expects their cars and trucks to depreciate over time, but some models lose a lot more than others.

The retailer's stern warning to Trump about the trade war with China appeared to fall on deaf ears, and now key goods could see serious trouble. Tales from the Borderlands.

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Lumines Electronic Symphony. Bodies were spotted high on a mountain in the Indian Himalayas during an aerial search for eight climbers feared lost in an avalanche, a government official said.

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The Deadly Tower of Monsters. Father's Day gifts for every type of Dad.

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Amazon is having a sale on Instant Pots right now. More Early Holiday Presents! This hidden danger is probably in your closet right now. Vienna's Life Ball red carpet through the years.

Of course, special rules might apply. These are some of the foods she eats to stay so thin in the public eye. Not to ruin your love of space-travel movies, but some of that stuff is frankly just impossible.

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There are some more nutiritous options you may want to consider next time you visit your favorite fast food chain. Check out this roundup of unique and thoughtful Father's Day gifts Share.

There's nothing sweeter than newly purchased soft, luxurious sheets on a freshly made bed. Showdown of Legendary Legends. These stars deal with everything from diabetes to lupus to multiple sclerosis, and this is how they manage. Nationwide one crime is reportedly the most common violent offense in America, and in most cities, it drove an overall increase in violence. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said officials are looking into reports that North Korea executed a top envoy after the Trump summit collapsed.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate. Of course you need a car, but you've got to choose wisely. Reports reveal the queen has gotten quite strict with the Duchess of Sussex. Hotels around the world are using a cheap alternative source for construction, and you won't believe what they're being made from.

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It just takes a few seconds to determine if you should buy that chicken or walk away. Tiger Woods rips former swing coach after suspension. We all know about his three marriages, but what about all the models, actresses, and accusers?

Anonymous notes often bring out the worst in people. These common symptoms may seem harmless, but think again. Whether it's a sense of humor or the ability to really listen, these traits take husbands to the next level. Christopher Thomas Knight lived a secluded, isolated existence, st.patricks day wallpaper and he only had human contact twice in nearly three decades.