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English Language Learners Definition of Arabic. Edward Elgar Elgar was an English composer whose oratorio The Dream of Gerontius is considered one of the finest examples of English choral music in history.

Statistics for Arabic Look-up Popularity. English Finnish English - Finnish. English Romanian English - Romanian. Arabic-English translation of words and expressions, definition, synonyms.

English Czech English - Czech. Translation of Arabic for Arabic Speakers. It belongs to the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages and has its own alphabet, which has been borrowed by certain other languages such as Urdu. English Esperanto English - Esperanto. For hints and advice on how to get accurate translations click here.

For the ones performing professional translations from English to Arabic, jeppesen easa atpl manuals the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful. Find the Arabic translation of words and phrases in the English-Arabic dictionary by using the search field above.

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We use the text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies to make our software fully suit your purposes. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab.

English Swahili English - Swahili. Search the English-Arabic dictionary by letter Select a letter from the alphabet below to see a comprehensive list of words included in the English-Arabic dictionary. Also try our unique Multilanguage dictionary! English Thai English - Thai. This lets you manually search the dictionary for English phrases and words you want to translate to Arabic, just as you would in a printed dictionary.

Grammar Come and ride the Grammar Train! But do you know the ingredients of their etymologies? English Danish English - Danish. No tricks, just difficult words. How many noun phrases are there in the following sentence?

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English Swedish English - Swedish. More Definitions for Arabic. What made you want to look up Arabic? The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani.

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Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram. Why use English-Arabic dictionary When searching for a word, you get as results translations from the general dictionary, and words and expressions added by users.

Click the red circle to delete all. English Hungarian English - Hungarian. Elmo's Day is actually St.

Match each word in the left column with its synonym on the right. For the ones performing professional translations from Arabic to English, the specialized terms found in our dictionary are very helpful. Verify English to Arabic translation bab. Some very specific Arabic vocabulary may not even be found in traditional English-Arabic dictionaries. Resources for Arabic Time Traveler!

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Some functions on this page will not work. Press Escape to delete all. English French English - French. Below are the recent additions to the English-Arabic dictionary.

What is a dangling modifier? Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Before a new term is confirmed it still shows up in the results for searches in the English-Arabic dictionary, but is clearly marked as an unverified Arabic translation. English Vietnamese English - Vietnamese. English Dutch English - Dutch.

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They had both cut themselves garments from the same cloth, as the Arabic saying goes. He received his training from his father and succeeded him as organist of St. She attends hip-hop and belly dance classes known as Arabic dance in Iran just to shine more at parties.

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With our users contributing and sharing their knowledge the English-Arabic dictionary is always up to date. Enter the word or paste it from the buffer into the window for translation. Participle Phrases Participles are words formed from verbs that can function as adjectives, as gerunds, or to form the continuous and perfect tenses of verbs.