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Motorcycle and Motor-Tricycle riders only have to equip a number plate on the back of their vehicle. Type in a number that you are looking for. Looking for an answer to a question about number plate transfers? Can't recommend highly enough. Smooth and easy transaction.

Current Style Search The same structure as registrations being issued on new vehicles. If you're unable to find a dateless plate to your liking on our site, please give our friendly sales staff a call to enquire about your options at auction. Analytical cookies help us to improve our website by collecting and reporting information on its usage. Exceptions do exist, such as three- ply guards on special orders.

Simon Waterfield National Numbers. No background patterns are allowed. Take a look at the table below to see the format and examples of Dateless and Cherished number plates. Cheap Northern Irish Plates Pick up a bargain registration! Or contact us for our expert team to help on or click here to complete a search enquiry.

Share with friends Back to Site. Author Write something about yourself. When the plates were stamped the spray filled.

Find matches to New style plates. Dateless plates may also be used to hide the age of your vehicle. By Henry Doulton had established the name of the Doulton Lambeth art wares and set up factories making sanitary. Petra Angelika Plumb National Numbers.

In fact Northern Ireland Format plates are usually the cheapest private dateless plates you can find. Cheap Number Plates Search all styles at once Try your name, initials, vehicle, anything. Cheap Northern Irish Plates. Andy Q Smith National Numbers. The main benefit of dateless number plates and the reason why they are very popular is that they hide the ages of the vehicles that they are displayed on.

  • While the serial number information below refers only to instruments produced.
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Cheap non dating number plates - Non dating registration plates

Follow the link for more information concerning the registration mark. Excellent company, sorted me with my perfect personal reg plate. Everything was done efficiently and very quickly.

Thank you for your enquiry. The Best Technology Highly efficient systems saving you time and money. My Account Information for Sellers. Personalised Car Registrations number plates bought wisely have a proven investment value particularly in recessionary times. The nearest matches to your search are shown below.

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If you are trying to spell a word and need to fill the space where a letter should be you can use any number, or select the number that most closely resembles the letter that you need. Limited stocks and selling fast! We've compiled a list of some of our most commonly asked questions, you might find your answer here! Try entering the whole word and let us work out the swaps for you.

So quick and easy to do and really friendly people. Toggle navigation Search box. Common Number Plate Questions What are the current legal requirements? We have thousands of stock and third-party cherished registrations on our website for you to buy.

At that time you could order a guitar. You can click on this link to search our Irish Numberplates stocklist. We love to help people find and buy or sell private number plates the easy way.

  1. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with a response.
  2. Sold my plate through National numbers, took care of all the paperwork and got a fair price for my plate.
  3. Number plates must be made from reflective material.
  4. Black- chromed knobs were first used.

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Save or Share Save or share this page with your family and friends. From the first text to the deposit into my bank account I can find no fault. Excellent, bought two plates from them, whatsapp looking for another for the wife. Find your perfect number plate using our search. They managed the timed auction on my behalf and secured the number at a fantastic price.

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Dateless number plates were issued up until when they were replaced by Suffix style number plates. The lack of age restriction is the same as Northern Ireland registration marks which also date from the same era but are still being issued today. Essential cookies enable core functionality such as page navigation, your preferences and access to secure areas.

Dateless reg plates use letters to stand for the region of issue and sequential numbers to create a unique identifier. For these registrations to survive to the present day, they would have to be purposefully transfered between vehicles or retained on certificate as the vehicles they were on were scrapped. Phone manners brilliant, friendly, very helpful. Which car colour do birds choose to poo on?

1903 to 1932
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Phil was a great help, made the purchase of my new plate very easy. Pick two letters, a number and three more letters. Search all styles at once Try your name, initials, vehicle, speed dating fresno anything.

Sometimes the bridge or plate was defective and unsuitable for use. Show Me How Advanced Options. Paul Bechtoldt, columnist for Vintage Guitar Magazine, and is included.

What are Dateless Number Plates

Would highly recommend them and would have no problem in dealing with them again. Search Search Your Perfect Plate. If the combination you have selected is not available, our search will offer you similar matches directly from our database.

We shall endeavor to contact you as soon as any combinations become available that are sufficiently similar to the criteria you have specified. Ideal for Rolls Royce Owners, or believers in the supernatural! New Reg are specialists in Cherished and Dateless vehicle registrations. In fact the number plates are the only part of your vehicle that will appreciate in value over time. The second and current version was introduced in late.

Dateless Number plates

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