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How to Install Celeste (Bluetooth App) on iOS Easy-Way

If you dont understand what the purpose of the app, please don't dl. After a few weeks of using it, I can personally say yes! For some reason, your laptop or Motorola phone is not responding to your iPhone file sending request. Everytime you try to turn on celeste, the process will crash and killed. Is there any folder we have to delete in order to get clean installation of both action menu and celeste?

It cracked never worked perfectly for me. Mock provider allows other apps to work with the device. All of these issues mostly appear on cracked version.

Transferring files between my MacBook Air to my iPhone works seamlessly. It will not install as a standalone package with Celeste. Once done, reboot your iPhone. Also try re-sprining your iPhone. Please install at your own risk.

How to Install Celeste (Bluetooth App) on iOS 4.3.1 Easy-Way

Pressed the refresh button, nothing happen. Also note that Celeste is one of those Cydia apps which require server authentication to activate itself. After following this method, it seems to work. It works in all apps except iPod app. So, these apps are much harder to crack than the normal Cydia apps.

Celeste 2 Bluetooth File Sharing for iOS

Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing App Updated

Please understand that the app frontend is just a frontend, mainly for controlling and configuration purpose, and providing some handy info. Then I tried to transfer a song using iFile to Cherry mobile phone. You need to buy Celeste from ModMyi repo. Once you have installed the Celeste app, open iFile again and change the variables back to default as shown in the first screenshot.

Just reboot for the last time once u have installed everything! Cydia should be having it already listed for you with other default repos added. Cracked from Bite Your Apple, but I followed your instructions for cracked celeste. You need to pair your iPhone with other device inorder to send or receive any file. If your trying an iDevice, then you will need Celeste running on that iDevice as well.

Btw i have now officially bought Celeste and never got any issue in sending or receiving file. Are you sure that you have actually bought Celeste off the Cydia Store? Just a point of note bluetooth transfer from iPhone to iPhone is not possible unless both iPhones have Celeste installed. Are you using Bluetooth dongle?

Just reboot for the last time once u have installed everything. It takes tries and reboots before Celeste activates itself. Action Menu is broken within stock iPod app. But when I try to send pic and it goes to discovery mode I guess nothing happens.

So the toggle will always turned off itself. There is no need to do the above procedure.

You need to pair your iPhone with her BlackBerry first. If you can not afford, install cracked version from BiteYourApple repo! It works and it does a good job at it. However, after upgraded the android version, this combination does not work anymore, but the other combination works again. Where did you get your deb from?

That deb from BiteYourApple is not working for me. This is because Celeste manages the Bluetooth itself. Thinking off to restore my firmware hope that will fix my problem! You can try to turn it on from other way, like activator, or mobileterminal. Cheers and good luck to all!

This is possible in Attributes Editor and Music Player. Yea, changing SystemVersion. Its a known bug in cracked version. In short I am unable to send or receive. No inwas trying to send to a friends blackberry.

You need to reboot your iPhone after installing Celeste to get it working! Cracked version Celeste has definitely issues with receiving and sending files as far as i know. When I try the opposite, my phone isnt able to discover any nearby bluetooth device. Do not change variable values back to default in SystemVersion.

Actually when we open SystemVersion. Anywayz where do u live in india? Although initial releases are expected to have bugs and faults, Celeste was in no shape to be released. This is a common issue that has been around for quite sometime because the latest version hosted by all the repos is not fully cracked just yet. Celeste team provides its consumers the worst support ever.

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She would see me in her Bluetooth settings but would pop up on my phone. Hopefully every issue will be resolved itself. The only issue with current version of Action Menu is that it do not support sending songs directly from iPod app. Edit it as shown in the screenshots in post and replace it with the one on your iDevice. If so, english english malayalam dictionary try the same with a different mobile manufacturer.

Change your ProductVersion in SystemVersion. After Editing SystemVersion. Celeste automatically enables bluetooth to send files to another device and automatically disables itself when transfers are completed. Wait until G symbol disappears from your status-bar.