Cbip Manual On Transformers

Protective relay application to power transformers. Air clearances between phase to earth can be relaxed to the extent of maximum of mm so far as air release pipe emanating from bushing turret is concerned. Accuracy test for indication and switch setting scales. If the two conservators are connected to the transformer by a common oil pipe, one relay shall be installed in the common pipe.

Weather-proof motors shall be provided with suitable means of breathing and drainage to prevent accumulation of water. In case of on-load tap changer, the tappings shall also be on the high voltage winding. Application guide for on load tap changers.


Observation of flow with respect to requirement. All motor terminals shall be of the stud type and totally enclosed.

However, filling medium will be supplied as a part of the cable box by the manufacturer. Functional test with compressed air to check bursting Valve pressure, indication flag operation and switch operation. Dimensions for clamping arrangements for porcelain transformer bushings.

CBIP Manual on Transformer (Publication No 295)

Out of these, Ratio Bridge method is most commonly adopted. Gassing of insulating liquids under electrical stress and ionization. The turn ratio of a transformer is the ratio of the number of turns in the high-voltage winding to that in the low-voltage winding.

The pressure shall be maintained for a period of one hour during which time no leakage shall occur. In transformers, for installation in areas subject to high seismic forces, i. The current flowing through the line terminals continuously when a rated power of a secondary winding is specified. The oil piping shall be with flanged gasketed joints.

Operation and dielectric test of driving mechanism. Interturn insulation withstand test. Exciting current characteristic test. All diagrams shall show which view is employed. International Standards tabulated above.

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For general requirements reference shall be made to other sections of the Transformer Manual. The flag and the switch shall remain operated until they are reset manually. Additional terminals for remote manual electrical control of motors shall be provided. Terminal markings and connections for distribution and power transformers.

External clearance in air. Test certificates for the materials of construction. Provisions shall be made for locking the tap changing switch handle in position. In case of delta connected windings of a large rating transformer, the resistance meter should have adequate current rating. Loss of oil and surge test.

The tank shall be reinforced by welded angle on all the outside walls on the edge of the tank to form two equal compartments. In general, it is possible to apply enamel paint over epoxy polyurethane coating and the vice versa is not recommended.

CBIP Manual on Transformer (Publication No 295)

Alarm contact setting test. In Air Between Phase to phases ground. Recommended current ratings for cables. Measurement of insulation resistance. Further, the cooling water discharge should be free to the atmosphere to reduce the pressure in the cooler.

The connection to the link shall be on the same side of the core as the main earth connection. The same can be used for filter purposes. It shall also give a visual indication of valve operation by raising a flag. Power frequency voltage withstand test on diverter switch to earth and between even and odd contacts.

When the transformer has taps, skateboard the turn ratio shall be determined for all taps and for the full winding. No load voltage shall be indicated for each tap. Type of construction Shorter axis Longer axis Single-phase Two rails with Two rails with mm gauge mm gauge. Guide for sampling and analysis of free and dissolved gases and oil-filled electrical equipments. Divisional Engineer Power Grid Corp.

CBIP Manual on Transformer (Publication No )Central Board Of Irrigation And Power

The bushings shall conform to the relevant standards specified and shall be outdoor type. The device shall seal-off after the excess pressure has been released. Code of practice for earthing. Recommended practice for protection and co-ordination of industrial and commercial power system. Dimension for oil impregnated paper insulated condenser bushings.

Transformer is a vital link for taking power supply from generating station to consumer premises. Specification for portable equipment for earthing or earthing, and short circuiting. The ends of all wiping glands shall be tinned before despatch to site. Phase-relation or vector group verification test is performed on a three-phase transformer or on a bank of three single-phase transformers.

Cross-linked polyethylene insulated thermoplastic sheathed cables. Tests on hollow insulators for use in electrical equipment. The operating pressure of the pressure relief valve shall always be less than the tank test pressure. No arcing horns shall be provided. The oil circuit through the relay shall not form a delivery path in parallel with any circulating oil pipe, nor shall it be tied into or connected through the pressure relief vent.

Two winding Flanged bi-directional mm mm and auto with locking and bolting transformers device. Guide for the interpretation of gases generated in oil-immersed transformers.