Can you hook up two modems in one house, it still works

Can you Hook up two cable modems up on one household

Perform the initial router setup. However, as far as the router thing goes. You can place the routers in their permanent locations when you are done configuring them.

There is a coax cable connection in my part of the house - is it possible to hook a new modem and a new router up to this connected and be fine? How do I hook two computers in the household to the internet? Just hook up another router to your modem with a long ethernet cord and set it somewhere else in you house.

How to Connect Two Routers on a Home Network

You do not need to connect it to the modem. It made it easy for me to set up my routers at home. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article's instructions and validated that they work. You explained how to do it in detail and in simple terms. And if they do, I'm betting they won't let that go for free.

You can run Ethernet cable through the wall if you need to reach another room. Perhaps the best aspect of this article was that it showed multiple configuration choices. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. How do I find out my router username and password? This topic is locked from further discussion.

Two WIFI routers in one house

Both wired and wireless routers are best configured from a computer connected via Ethernet network cable. Another distinct possibility is bug-ridden firmware on your router. Configure the secondary router. Cookies make wikiHow better. Change the wireless channels to eliminate interference.

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  2. Without this address, your second modem will not recieve any data from Comcast.
  3. Does anyone know if Cox Cable is cool with two modems?
  4. The second router must be set up in client mode to utilize its full routing functionality, a mode that many home router's don't support.
  5. Each router's settings will vary substantially from other models.
  • If you can't find a certain setting or section on your router's page for the rest of this method, consult the router's manual or online documentation.
  • Connect your main router to your modem via an Ethernet cable, then connect your computer to the router via a different Ethernet cable.
  • This should be easy to test without breaking anything.
  • To remedy that, check for updated firmware from the manufacturer's website.

During the initial setup process, you should keep the routers near your computer so that you can easily access them. The easiest way to connect two routers is by using Ethernet, though you may be able to use a wireless router to connect to the primary router. If you know how to setup a router this would be very helpful for someone to set up another within their network.

How to Connect Two Wireless Routers to One Modem
A dual-router system works great for hybrid wireless networks

Configure the primary router. This would allow you to put a router on that same floor. You can set them up in their permanent locations later. Determine which router will be the secondary router.

Can you Hook up two cable modems up on one household

Adding a second modem will decrease performance to both modems. Related Questions Can you Hook up two cable modems up on one household with cox? Can you Hook up two cable modems up on one household? The former is pretty easy besides routing the ethernet cable around the house so it doesn't look too bad.

Two modems/routers in one house - Off-Topic - Giant Bomb

Where are the anykey located on a computer ore laptop keyboard? Connect the secondary router to your computer with an Ethernet cable and open the configuration page. One router would work for most anybody's immediate needs. In the near future, will be adding two switches, wifi and hard wire to my home net. Honestly, I can think of no reason to make that change, regardless of router model.

It Still Works

You have not stated what the distance is to rule out wireless. Thank you so much for the help, guys. Or you could isolate yourself from their network by giving yourself a different subnet. Tips Routers function best when there are as few obstacles between the router and the item receiving the Internet as possible. It is worth giving the provider a call to see if they can offer what you want but from my limited knowledge of how it works, dating scorpio I seriously doubt it.

Disconnect the computer from the router when you are finished configuring it. Bring back the main forum list. Have you asked them about this? Place the secondary router.

Connect the primary router to your computer. This really helped me to understand what I need and what I was doing wrong. It's important in computer networking to be able to connect or join two separated networks could be two buildings next to each other or far away or maybe two different floors in the same building. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Home wireless routers can be connected via Ethernet cable in the same way as wired routers are connected.

How about if you get a two-way splitter and a length of coax and run the cable over to where your other modem is at? This wikiHow teaches you how to connect two routers together. Of course, you'll have to authenticate all your devices on each WiFi access point once first so they know how to connect. Determine if your equipment is compatible.

Can computers see each other while they are on different routers? That helped me see the trade-offs and choose, currently and also gave me confidence that the article was comprehensive and I don't need to spend another hour searching elsewhere for more details. This will be the router that is connected either to a dedicated modem or to the wall outlet. Plug the other end into any free port on the first router other than its uplink port. Connect the secondary router to the computer.

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Connect the two routers with an Ethernet cable. Place both routers near your computer. Generally, you'll want your newest and most fully-featured router as your base router. Enter a unique name for your second router. Using the same password isn't a problem.

How to Connect Two Routers (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If not, I think this is your next step. Depends on your cable company to a large extent. By connecting your routers, you can extend both the range and the maximum number of connections that your Internet can handle. Determine which router will be the main router. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Can Two Routers Be Used on the Same Home Network

Since this router will be handling the connection to the internet, set it up as if you were only using a single router. Also helps you understand why you can't do something you thought might be possible. Change the wireless channel.

Two Modems in one house - Xfinity Help and Support Forums

This was the only one that worked for me without any issues. This lets devices connect to the second router as usual but does not create a subnetwork. Helped me set up my routers in a daisy chain to achieve what I needed to.

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