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Spencer comes up with a fantastic routine to make teeth sparkle. Josie Jump and Miss Hoolie come up with a novel way of entertaining him.

Suzie says she'd organize it all by herself. She's having tea from yellow kettles and cups. Penny gives Spencer some cameras. However, he's having a busy day and needs help to find the elusive eagle. Josie Jump shows him another way to say what he means.

Balamory (series 1)

After learning that Edie isn't very good at waking up, Josie sings a song. His inventions are intended to be useful, but sometimes backfire. Miss Hoolie makes him some honey and lemon tea. They all have such a great time. She has no ides what to do with them.

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They should look for some stronger glue at Edie. Spencer goes to buy a present from Pocket and Sweet's. This morning, Edie notices that the scarecrow is missing from the nursery vegetable patch.

Miss Hoolie tells him to visit Archie, who has ideas of making party hats and a kite tail. Then Suzie becomes very tired from dancing. Each character also has one or more individual songs. Suzie and Spencer go off quickly and buy some fresh fish from the fishermen, and the fish are cooked at the trailer. He said, they didn't need costumes, they did need magic.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Suzie and Penny reorganise the shop, but some crossed wires causes problems when the fruit delivery to the shop goes wrong. Josie has trouble looking after a baby.

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List of Balamory episodes (Season 4)

Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for. But his invention is too big, so Edie carries it in her bus to the Highland Games. She goes to ask Spencer to add some music, but he does more than that - he adds creaks and boings and many other sounds. Archie hung an old coat, a new hat and a kilt on it. Archie found an old red scarf in the castle and hung it to the scarecrow.

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Edie takes the broken scarecrow to Archie to build it up again. Edie described the scarecrow as a missing person emergency. Plum refuses these suggestions, and goes to Archie for advice.

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List of Balamory episodes (Season 4)

Archie asks Spencer to make some leaflets for the Balamory Highland Games. Edie helps out at the Balamory bazaar in the face-painting stall, with some help from Spencer. Archie uses the strings of Spencer's guitar to make a puppet.

It's Regatta day but all the boats look the same. For example, in one episode Josie Jump has been asked to look after a neighbour's rabbit, but does not know what it needs.

Spencer wants to play a game using different nighttime noises, but he doesn't know which ones to use. The clowns have been put there by Archie, but he likes them so much he is oblivious to Edie's pleas for him to take them down. Miss Hoolie says that he should show them where milk comes from in the first place.

List of Balamory Episodes ( Items)

It's all happening today - spilt paint, missing carrots and a homemade carrot picking machine! Miss Hoolie and the main character provide a summary of the story at each point, and a final recap at the end of the episode. Today Suzie wants to get rid of some empty boxes from the shop but doesn't know what to do with them.

Archie is looking after a guinea pig called George. But he still doesn't know exactly how cows are milked, so he needs to see P. Spencer comes this morning with a bag of coloured paper that he doesn't know what to do with. She mixed the two packets at washing, and there were dirty old clothes in the other bag. Miss Hoolie thinks she could have a ceilidh.

Penny says to try the fish and chip trailer at the pier. Josie is locked out of her sports cupboard and couldn't get a ball for games today. She gets Penny to do the refreshments and Spencer to fix the band.

Then they go kite-flying up the hill in Balamory. Spencer is officially responsible for painting the coloured houses of Balamory, but also paints pictures and creates music. Spencer is also the only American to reside in Balamory. Photos from the individual Balamory episodes are listed along with the Balamory episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. His painter's ladder is musical, need for speed 2011 each rung sounding a different note.

Spencer hangs the mobile over Tommy's new baby sister's cot. She seems to love her first present. Plum arrives at the nursery feeling very sleepy, because he has been up most of the night helping the local farmer feed his lambs. They called on Spencer to help.

He collected some sticks and put them in cross. Halloween party at the nursery. And what a wonderful photo album they made. The trailer doesn't have enough fish either. Archie goes to the Fun Fair, but he's afraid to go on the rides.

Suzie Sweet and Penny Pocket together run the village shop and cafe. Edie suggests some rather undignified solutions, like curlers and a shower cap. By the time the programme was retired, many of the cast were also keen to move on.