Around The World In 80 Days 1956 Film

Extra uncredited Robert J. Minor Role uncredited Anthony M. Academy Award for Best Picture.

Extra uncredited William Graeff Jr. Aouda Phileas Fogg Jean Passepartout.

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Please send any corrections or additions to info movie-locations. David Niven as Phileas Fogg. Murrow as Narrator, the prologue narrator.

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Hopscotching around the globe, Fogg pauses in Spain, where Passepartout engages in a comic bullfight a specialty of Cantinflas. To win a bet, an eccentric British inventor beside his Chinese valet and an aspiring French artist, embarks on a trip full of adventures and dangers around the world in exactly eighty days. The film ran into a spot of trouble with the law here when around forty out-of-period cars were spirited away out of camera range without the necessary permissions being obtained. Ah, the great old days before digital imagery, when all those extras and sets existed in the physical world. It's a wonderful world, ruff ryders anthem if you'll only take the time to go around it!

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Passepartout, however, manages to arrive in Japan before them and takes in a bit of sightseeing. Passepartout enters through the giant torii gate into the wide open court surrounded by museums, replicas of the original Imperial Palace from the Heian Period, but built on a slightly smaller scale. There's still a herd here, though now it's estimated at head of bison. Marlene Dietrich as Hostess. Passed Drama Family Romance.

Around the World in 80 Days

Victor McLaglen as Helmsman. Extra uncredited Merril F. Girl in Paris Railroad Station. Your email address will solely be used for verifying the ticket. Extra uncredited Ronald M.

There is some missing footage in the India train ride where the image artificially fades in and out to compensate for the missing shots. This film is one of those, like the Ealing comedies or the Carry-On films, that define the British Myth. You'll notice that the pub's ceiling is papered with money.

However, after the Chicago showing Todd cut four minutes out of the Western sequence where Cantinflas is pursued by Indians. That spectacular girder bridge with its turreted entrance, though, is hundreds of miles to the east. With a smash lineup of stars in major and minor parts, Todd has turned out a surefire hit. Color Eastman Color Color Technicolor. Fort Kearney Station Master.

Perelman based on the classic novel of the same name by Jules Verne. Tom Burges, who was shorter than Niven, was used as a stand-in for scenes where the balloon is seen from a distance. Andy Devine as First Mate.

Crisis or no, nothing should interfere with tea! There are echoes of silent classic The General when Buster Keaton puts in an appearance as the talking! Stamp Proctor - San Francisco Politico. Minor Role uncredited Carl M.

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Glynis Johns as Companion. Michael Anderson's direction couldn't be more unimaginative and flat.

Extra uncredited Marlene L. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Gilbert Roland as Achmed Abdullah.

In Spanish and Latin American posters and programs of the movie, Cantinflas is billed above the other players because he was very popular in Spanish-speaking countries. Gene Ruggiero Howard Epstein. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Extra uncredited Stephen Ginn Jr. Dick Wessel as Train fireman.

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One of the most famous sequences in the film, the flight by hydrogen balloon, is not in the original Jules Verne novel. Todd sometimes used models of boats, ships, and trains in the film, but he often decided that they didn't look realistic so he switched to the real thing where he could. But I just dare anyone to be bored by the film in a cinema. Ronald Squire as Club Member. This section does not cite any sources.

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Extra uncredited Thomas Y. Was this review helpful to you?

Extra uncredited Harry Lowe Jr. Extra uncredited Edward M. Marcher in Parade uncredited Myers. Extra uncredited James Mohlmann Jr. The role of Passepartout was greatly expanded from the novel to accommodate Cantinflas, the most famous Latin-American comedian at the time, and winds up as the focus of the film.

But salvation is at hand when Passepartout discovers that, by crossing the International Date Line, there's still time to reach the Reform Club. In his memoirs, Niven related that Todd completed filming while in considerable debt. Yes it's long, yes it's a fantasy rather than true-to-life, yes it's spectacular rather than deep drama. It's now open to visitors.