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The Academy Award -nominated American film director Sam French has been tapped in to direct a documentary film about Zahir's life. Dar in Wairana Ham Ahmad Zahir. After his death, Zahir was considered a national hero. Mekhandam Agar Emshab Ahmad Zahir. Benazam qalbi pakat Ahmad Zahir.

Chashmi Siya Dari Ahmad Zahir. Nabari Guman Ka Ahmad Zahir. Hanoz Bar Labiman Ahmad Zahir. This section does not cite any sources. Tanha Tareen Mard Ahmad Zahir.

Agar Ai Asman Ahmad Zahir. Culture and customs of Afghanistan.

All of these albums were successful and widely accepted to this date by everyone. Audio cassette versions of many of Zahir's Afghan Music albums are missing some songs that are present on the original vinyl records. He considered covering music of other artists as paying homage to their artistic brilliance. There, he formed a band mainly consisting of his friends and classmates including Omar Sultan on guitar, baby telugu songs Farid Zaland on congas and Akbar Nayab on piano.

Ai Gulzari Man Ahmad Zahir. Begzar Bageriam Ahmad Zahir. Har Chandoki Dor Ahmad Zahir.

Agar Awara Mastam Ahmad Zahir. Gar Chi Mastim Ahmad Zahir. Ba Khod Goftam Ahmad Zahir. Porkon Piala Ra Ahmad Zahir. Khoda Bowad Yarit Ahmad Zahir.

Gufta Bodam Cho Ahmad Zahir. He worked closely with Afghan composers Nainawaz and Taranasaz.

The singer Ahmad Zahir is a good example of the process. Marabnjan Dilam Ra Ahmad Zahir. Dili Awarai Man Ahmad Zahir.

Man Gholami Qamaram Ahmad Zahir. Ai Strode Wapasenam Ahmad Zahir. Ba joz tu monise degar Ahmad Zahir. Ahmad Zahir simplified the lyrical, compositional, and orchestral aspects of Sarban and Sarmast's musical tradition. Qadara Sard Konin Ahmad Zahir.

Guftom Ki Naro Ahmad Zahir. Zahir's debut album was recorded with Radio Kabul. Boti Nazaninam Ahmad Zahir. Delat Mekhast Ba tu Ahmad Zahir.

Ai Nami Hamat Ahmad Zahir. This was and is unique in any music industry around the world. Dostat Darum Hamesha Ahmad Zahir. Shabnam was born on the same day Zahir died.

Khabar Awordan Amadaye Ahmad Zahir. Ashkhai Man Hamcho Ahmad Zahir. It is the first Afghan album that falls in the western genre of music, consisting mostly of pop songs. President Ronald Reagan and others.

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Tura Afsoon Chashmanam Ahmad Zahir. They are ranked as some of the best music created in Afghanistan's musical history. Mishair Tu Nahi Ahmad Zahir. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ahmad Zahir.

Man Nagoiam Ki mara Ahmad Zahir. Za Hamrahan Jidai Ahmad Zahir. Zabanam Ra Namefahmi Ahmad Zahir. Zahir played the accordion and sang.

Of all the Afghan musicians, the person most closely associated with creating the distinct Afghan sound of music is Ahmad Zahir. Tanha Shudam Tanha Ahmad Zahir. Zejani man chi mikhai Ahmad Zahir.

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Dilam dar ashaqi awara shad Ahmad Zahir. Yaraki man chira khosh bawar asti Ahmad Zahir. Mirawe Az Mano Ahmad Zahir. Khodat midane guliman Ahmad Zahir.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. This versatility and willingness to adopt musical creations of others for his own performance, greatly enhanced the merit of his own musical creations. Beman Aye Shab Ahmad Zahir. Zahir was one of the first Afghan musicians not to shy away from covering great songs of other artists.

However, it was Zahir's second album also recorded with Radio Kabul that not only shot him to superstardom, but was also hailed by critics as an artistic masterpiece. Kharabam Ze Masti Ahmad Zahir. Mirawam Khasta Ahmad Zahir. Shabhaye Zulmani Ahmad Zahir. Man Ghulam Qamaram Ahmad Zahir.

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