Able Gta San Andreas

Save two or three times and you can repeat this process. It is easier and they respawn if you ride a short distance away and return.

You have to control the streets well in order to avenge those who have ruined your life. In between two of them will be a lock on rocket launcher. This is a convenient feature. When you are up in the air, fly down to the ground and hit it to get money for a unique trick.

Features of GTA San Andreas PC Game Setup Free Download

Features of GTA San Andreas PC Game Setup Free Download

When you are up there, they will still shoot at you, but will not have accurate aim and will miss frequently. At the doors, you will see a yellow upside down triangle.

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Next, quickly run out of the door and across the street to the two player icon. Your own territory is marked with green, and your enemies are yellow or purple. If you wait too long, the parachute will not open in time and you will die. Steal a truck and click Right Analog-stick. Enter it, and you will go to the roof of the building where you can find a parachute.

Go to the building with the parachute. Start randomly killing people until you have two star wanted level. Just drive for about twenty minutes to get the armor award easily. From time to time he has to eat - though overeating will make him look fatter. When you are on his roof, jump onto the house next to his then jump onto Sweet's house to obtain a machine gun.


Proceed to dispose of the police using your pistol. While playing basketball, press B to spin the ball on your finger. As soon as one player lands, the second one will follow and land on him.

GTA San Andreas Download Free

You should see an open doorway. There are also other places you can skydive, such as the tall building in the Downtown area of Los Santos, and off the top of Mt. With three or more, the Bulldozer acts like a ball and chain flailing around.

You can follow below steps to install almost any latest Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mega mod apk download. You can now go to all of San Andreas without the four star wanted level appearing. Additionally, when your hood is under attack, find a police car or motorcycle, fire truck, ambulance, or taxi. Some of the missions involve recruiting gang members and attacking turfs belonging to rival gangs.

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After using nitrous, you must wait awhile between shots. Quickly enter the Police Department. The goal of the mini-game is to sink as many shots as you can before time runs out. If you need ammunition, the cops will drop a gun after you kill them. One of the hoops will have a basketball.

Go to your gas station safe house. There are no police, firefighters, paramedics, or regular citizens, and there will be no traffic except in gang territories.

GTA San Andreas Download Free

This was done with the freight train. Fly and land on any building roof you can easily see incoming enemy gang members.

Go to one of the basketball courts that have full courts and a chain link fence round them. You should now have a two star wanted level. The moderate powered weapons in each category will be unlocked, including the flame thrower and sniper rifle.

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Well, there are many good games for Android available out there and new games are getting released every day. If you do happen to enable this code inside a vehicle, get out, then get back in and it should function normally. Enable the Jetpack code again, ending sound effect then have player one get it. San Andreas is not too difficult.

By doing this, you can easily hold all enemy territories. For even more fun, get three or more tow trucks and hook them all up into a line.